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"Your courage to change the food industry will
be met with our passion for doing the same"

Our team has decades of deep knowledge and experience in agriculture, food production, construction, site engineering and go-to-market strategies with tactical execution.

We are specialists in constructing solutions that bring meat to market.


  • Corporate brand strategy
  • Livestock programs
  • Carcass utilization strategies
  • Food marketing and sales execution
  • Sustainability and traceability
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Facility design and construction
  • Retail and foodservice expertise
  • Facility upgrading
  • Regulatory procedures
  • Direct-to-consumer and e-commerce
  • Funding and government support


Step Up

Never play the spectator. See a problem, look at it as an opportunity to solve something no one else is willing to.

Try Something Totally New

Watch closely how everyone else approaches a problem and then have the courage to look at it from fresh eyes and from a different perspective.


You are never smart enough. Seek out those that want to break the status quo, innovate or research a better way to do things.

Fight for

You are never finished. Don’t be comfortable with comfort. Progression takes bravery and energy. It takes a fighting spirit.


With decades of meats-to-market experience from supply to value chain, Janus Solutions is a small compact team that takes business personally.

We respect each other’s skills and always make time to keep in close, daily contact with each other to ensure we are all progressing with all the information to do our very best work.

We are a tight group that loves to amass our resources, tackle problems together, let our vision drive us, and brainstorm the unexpected.

Larry Dalton

  • Business Leader
  • International and domestic business development
  • Establishing brands
  • Expert with all animal proteins
  • Feedlot to harvest expertise
    Supply chain

Larry Dalton has been a business leader in the North American meat industry for over 25 years. His invaluable experience in developing business internationally and domestically with either established multi-national brands or starting them from ground zero are huge assets to leading the success of Janus. Larry pulls from his past professional experience from High Liner Foods and Fishery products, a progressive career with meat industry giant Cargil, as well as developing a new beef brand through Western Feedlots designed for the U.S. and Chinese markets.

James Bradbury

  • Brand and business strategy
  • Innovation leader
  • Marketing expert
  • Product and packaging development
  • Private brand and labeling for retail and foodservice
  • Partner Strategies

James Bradbury started his career by leading emerging brands in the consumer packaged goods, meats and beer industries. James has developed extensive experience in areas of product development, packaging and private label with regional and international brands. He is a well-known figure in the beef and cattle industry in Canada due mainly to his work as Brand Officer for the Canadian beef industry at Canada Beef.

James has established a strategic brand and marketing company called Bradbury&Company, looking after clients in the agri-food and animal protein sectors. His clients range from running an e-commerce home delivered meats business to implementation of marketing programs that make a difference. His brand positioning and business strategy work has proven to be invaluable.

John-Jeffrey Ball

  • Cattle Genetics
  • Transport and Trucking
  • Feedlot
  • Value-Added product concept to inception
  • Brand Execution
  • International Business Leader

John-Jeffrey Ball is a CEO, entrepreneur and public speaker.

Twenty-five years in, Ballco Company has evolved to serve local, national and international markets specializing in cattle genetics, grain farming, a growing division of transport and trucking, a rail trans load facility, custom wheat blending services for bakeries, branded premium beef products offered across Canada and the United States, and an innovative line of value-added food products found across Canada. Jeff’s most recent venture includes the expansion of his company into North East China where he is establishing a breeding and feeding operation. With extension of his work into the worlds fastest growing economy,


Janus works with a number of key international partners to build unique multi-species harvest facilities and other go-to-market solutions that address the core issues and barriers to market.

With local technical support and input from our foreign associates, we are able to approach abattoir design, meat handling, storage & processing, and brand & marketing from multiple angles to suit location capacity and budgetary requirements and growth plans.


Innovative Process Solutions (IPS)

Innovative Process Solutions (IPS), is a full strategic partner for Janus Solutions located in South Africa, really at the centre of where mid-sized meat processing becomes necessary.

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Central Specialist Group

Central Specialist Group (Pty) Ltd a South African based group of experts in the industrial development sector who have joined forces to provide valued clients with A- Z solutions for industrial project design.

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Bradbury & Company

Bradbury&Company are not only the marketing arm of Janus Solutions, but also work directly with Janus Solutions client base on their own brand strategies, marketing plans and marketing implementation as a complete solution to bring meats to market

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Kometos Oy

Kometos Oy, a company with headquarters in Finland, who are world leaders in modular abattoir, processing and production facilities, and mobile abattoir concepts, Kometos have specialized in the fabrication of leading-edge modular abattoir and mobile abattoir facilities, designed and accredited under EU regulations, which are easy to install, integrate and operate.

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Titan Containers

Titan Containers A/S, from Denmark who specialize in modular blast freezing and specialized refrigerated storage systems.

Titan’s innovative approach to blast freezing and refrigerated storage using scalable modular systems lends itself to maximum flexibility, speed of implementation, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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PHT Group

PHT Group, is a leader in hygiene with origins in Germany. They offer tailor-made hygiene solutions and supply appropriate high-quality hygiene technology to the food industry and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

They supply not only the hygiene products, but the integrated and harmonious systems required for both existing facilities and new ones, that exceed standards.

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Celitron Medical Technologies

Celitron Medical Technologies Kft, is a Hungarian manufacturing company specializing in sterilization, bio-waste treatment and rendering systems.

Celitron technology is scalable, uses significantly less energy, produces little to no noxious odours, medically sterilizes both waste & condemned products and occupies a much smaller footprint than traditional rendering processes.

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