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Bradbury & Company


Bradbury&Company has joined Janus
Solutions as a strategic partner. 

We work directly with Janus Solutions' clients on their own brand strategies, marketing planning and marketing implementation as a complete solution to bring your meats to market.

We work exclusively in the meat industry space throughout the supply and value chains for a more wholistic approach. We can work on projects or integrate into the business seamlessly.



James has worked through the most difficult and competitive business environments to develop consumer packaged goods and products. He worked in the early stages of growth for new and emerging brands in alcohol beverage and meats - including product development, packaging and private branding for Canadian leaders in retail and foodservice.

As Brand Officer at Canada Beef, James was responsible for turning the organization from an industry resource centre to an international consumer-focused brand. James led the global consumer analysis, rebuilt the digital offering, initiated an industry-wide communications and issues management plan, led the global marketing budget and created the brand story and associated sales and marketing materials.

For the past 4 years, Bradbury&Company has worked with a diverse meat industry clientele, including cattle associations and producers, centre-of-the plate distributors, retailers, meat production companies and direct delivery e-commerce. He believes there is a better way to get meat to market!



The Bradbury Collective was brought about because the needs of future brands are not being met. Efficiencies are there when a different approach is taken to market. We are a highly skilled and proven collection of artists, writers, communicators, designers, digital mavens, business managers and others. Every day we grow in numbers and we are always on the lookout for the best and brightest.

Once a plan is put into motion, tactics are driven through a bespoke team individually picked for the best results for the intended outcomes. Only the skills necessary are brought to the team and your eyes are opened to many more opportunities and creative solutions. Costs are reduced to only the essentials. Everything is managed to brand position and standards. Brand voice, tone and character are consistent. The most creative and innovative solutions to problems becomes the norm. Your bench strength is improved, along with the flexibility to change on the fly to meet needs.


Essential Team Only

Pay only for the team that works on your project


Pay Less

Make sure you get only the services you need, not the ones a team wants to sell you


Find Your Best Deal

Reduce your quoting and proposal time by letting us do the work for you


Keep Consistency

Use talent you need, but make sure consistency and delivery of brand are spot on


Expand Talent Search

Don't just use "who you know", expand your stable of skills globally


Use Who and What Works

A group of talent who work as your internal marketing team

Bradbury & Company


  • Website and App Development
  • On-brand Creative Design
  • Content and Report Writing
  • Logo and Name Design
  • Email Campaigning
  • Social Media Development, Plan and Execution
  • Newsletters
  • Spec Sheet Builds
  • Product Photography
  • Cuts and Value-Add Product Development
  • Boxing, Packaging and Labelling
  • Board and Trade Show Presentations
  • Corporate Business Plans and Strategy
  • E-commerce Meat Delivery Marketing
  • Supply Chain Design and Facility Builds
  • Supply Chain Design and Facility Builds
  • Cut Development
  • Full Brand Strategy and Management
  • Quarterly Marketing Plans and Budgets


Although Bradbury&Company serves some customers on a per-project basis, the bulk of our work is as our clients' in-house, part-time marketing department.

This of course is a much less expensive way to retain a full in-house team and doesn't come with any infrastructure costs. Brand work and writing is super consistent and the team picked is self-managed and we lead the marketing area for the company. This is a bespoke team with the best meat industry go-to-market knowledge available.

When needed, external sources with reduced costs are located by Bradbury&Company and are charged with no up-charge back to the client. Everything is done to reduce costs and increase speed to execution.

Bradbury&Company wants to bring meats to market

What makes Bradbury&Company different is our approach to how we look at bringing meat to market as more than an a semblance of parts - a chain of events, but as one universal idea. We look at using a well-documented brand as a driving force behind how a business needs to build products and foster business plans and tactics that are congruent and predictable. We believe a brand can do all of that on top of creating a gateway for consumers to develop loyalty and a desire to pay more for a product they believe in. The concept of branding has revolutionized how today's business leaders run their businesses. It can help make important business decisions, mold and guide a sales force and direct marketing directly to a chosen audience with surgical precision.

We also work with our clients to ensure the products "live the brand" through bespoke marketing plans, advertising pieces, digital structures and sales point of sale and purchase materials.

Bradbury&Company wants to be part of the entire solution.