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Our success is developing your business so that you can operate it successfully. Our clients are industry disruptors that know the way meat is bought and sold needs to change.


in Product Development and Sales

Government is there to help, but difficult to locate

Meat being sold as a commodity product

Regulatory around transport and logistics is a big challenge

Trade regulations seem arbitrary and are a moving target

A lot of middlemen taking profit

Complexity in carcass utilization on the way to profit

Quality assurance and regulation always changing

Finding and training skilled people

Further processing products is a whole new business

Pricing and costing meat a skill known by few

Brand degradation through sales partners in market

Janus Solutions
For Best Product Development And Sales

Deep regulatory and quality assurance knowledge

Navigating domestic and global trade regulations

Carcass cut out balancing and specifications

Locate and access grant and funding dollars

Government relations and policy alignment

Premium product branding that builds loyal champions

Sales and marketing plans that return on investment

Research which shines a light on the way to move ahead

Solid experience in value-added meat products

OUR Product Development
and Sales PROCESS

At the core of building a product and selling it
for profit is knowing what questions to ask

  • Animal Supply

    Marketing Handling Grid/Program Feed Management

  • Markets

    Funding Gov. Relations Logistics Global Purchase Trade Regs

  • Harvest

    Funding Labour Regulatory/QA Toll Process Carcass Utilization

  • Deboning

    Yield Cut Optimization Packaging Further Process Costing Regulatory/QA

  • Trade

    Broker/Sales FABs Price Negotiation

  • Pricing

    Commodity Marketing Programs Contract Price

  • Transport

    Fresh/Frozen Domestic/Inter. Regulatory

  • Sales Partner

    Marketing Selling Management Sales Support


Each species or breed has a supply and demand to navigate. In animal agriculture, this decision is critical to understand in order to develop supply at the right time, sometimes looking years in advance.

Once that is out of the way, decisions are no less easier with feeding regimens and timing to market so they can achieve the best results and returns. Global markets dictate the demands and regulations around getting the products to market and can place demands on a business that complicate decision making as carcass values, product balancing, cutting specifications and most of all red meat yields take bites out of profits and margins.

The trading of meat within markets commands base level values for meat, but it is the premiums over the commodity that are truly meaningful in developing craft meat. Pricing meat becomes more complicated with seasonality within each market. The variety of key products make the trade of meat one of the most stressful jobs along the supply and value chains. Fresh or frozen meat and the assorted costs of transportation require an unwavering hand while regulations and other barriers to market become a game of relationship and politics.

To achieve premiums, products need more than simple features - they need a brand and meaningful value. A decision needs to be made on what kind of sales path needs to take place? Internal sales can be costly or even ineffective if spread too thinly across the globe. Distributors and brokers can work very well for extending reach, but may not be able to grow brand value and thus fall back into the lowest price commodity game?

The products you want or need to produce must be balanced with the demands on supply throughout the journey from farm to consumer. It is best to have a more wholistic approach to product development and sales. Janus Solutions has a process in place to help bring it all into focus and achieve balance.