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Design, Construction & Upgrade

Building differently is the only way to expect a different outcome


in Design & Construction

Lack of integration through the supply chain

Fluctuating costs of supply

Monopolistic competition

Meat treated as a commodity by sellers

Carcass utilization stands in the way of profit

Limited choices for the consumer

Public scrutiny of environmental impacts

Labour issues

Slow to change

Not scalable or nimble

Keeping up with regulatory changes

High cost barriers to entry

Janus Solutions

Decades of experience designing and building food and meat production facilities

Hybrid construction techniques for increased efficiency in time and cost

A focus on building small to mid-sized production plants

Quickly and easily expandable facilities for responsive growth

Future-proof sustainable solutions for less waste and reduced costs

Ergonomic equipment that produces happier, more efficient work places

Easier to clean anti-bacterial building materials

Proprietary building materials that increase building longevity and insulation properties

Highly accurate time and cost proposals for greater project certainty

OUR Design &
Construction Process

The goal is to increase predictability and certainty in time and money

We have complex processes for establishing viability and scope
of work through to innovative design and construction methods
that locate efficiencies, reduce waste and find environmentally friendly options.

We believe that food production facilities should be flexible and
expandable when needed and we design with the future in mind.
We have decades of experience in doing just that.

  • Initiation

  • Viability

  • Business Plan

  • Design

  • Documentation

  • Communications

  • Construction

  • Close Out


Ultimate Harvest House

The Janus Solutions Team put our heads together to imagine what the very best meat harvest facility might look like? This is a building designed and constructed with specific purposes in mind and achieves lower costs, greater flexibility and more attention to details that bring efficiency as the transfer point between the supply and value chains for meat.

Refreshing Existing Facilities

The meat industry around the world is undergoing pressures to change. Global commodities destabilize, while National interests reach into regional industry and localism for balance and prosperity. Regulatory impacts squeeze resources and local populations modify how they look at work through the generations. These threats to legacy businesses have forced a new frontier and have drawn the eye to looking at whole new ways to market, sell and run meat processing.

Regulatory Processes

Experience along with anticipating change are both instrumental in coordinating regulatory with business operations. Regulatory effects design, construction and upgrading and when done well, it serves to keep you ahead of the curve and in good relations with regulatory bodies or agencies.

Designing new or refreshing legacy businesses

There is no doubt of the need to shake up the meat industry and to many of the future pioneers this looks like starting fresh and building for purpose. For others already plying the waters, this looks more like reinvention. Keeping what is there and dealing with the changing landscapes that surround legacy businesses, reimagining a better place to work while making products desirable to the world at large.

Either way this is a labour of love as much as it is about profiteering and growth. This is building a legacy of continuing what others started. Finding meaning in a craft and feeding the world and its ever growing demand for food choice.

Janus Solutions wants to be part of that journey and is hungry to make a difference.