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A Complete Craft Meat Solution

It's a race to the bottom unless you are playing a totally different game?

If the entire system is broken, just build your own



Volume pressures on large scale manufacturing result in a loss of potential traceability, the need to sell every part of the carcass at lower margins, a dependency on global markets, a bottleneck for data integration, and near glacial speeds to technical innovation while dealing with increased regulatory amongst aging facilities and machinery.

Most of all, this existing system demands that consumers must meet the needs of the industry, who are all paid by meat weight, where grading is a premium taker. Meanwhile, what the consumer demands is better quality, a knowledge of where their food comes from - at the size of portion they want, with the dietary demands on top of that. Sustainability and environment in this commoditized system, is a by-product that needs managing, and not considered in the planning of the final product to begin with. As the price of meat demands a more luxury approach and a story to tell, the industry becomes more and more unresponsive. The system literally resists change.

Reducing complexity in supply through complete craft meat solutions


At every point along the food supply and value chain there are complex issues that need to be addressed.

The problem is that solving it for one means creating issues for others.

Throughout the supply and value chains, Janus Solutions has developed processes for every step of the way making it easier to get products to market, achieve profit more quickly and taking a lot of the steep out of learning curve.

Integrating the supply and value chain







  • Full Supply and Value Chain Data Transparency
  • Consumer <> Farm Communication
  • Sustainable Best-Practices
  • Fair-Trade Pricing
  • Success Metrics
  • Brand Traits
  • Whole Animal Utilization
  • Profit Share Opportunity
  • Fresh Human Resources Perspectives
  • System-wide data collection

"This fresh perspective means we solve from farm to fork in everything we do"


After decades of experience in the food, beverage, meat and livestock production industries, Janus Solutions merely looked at another industry for inspiration:

The micro-beer industry

Disruption of a surprisingly similar industry problem resembled a small, more craft-oriented approach by small, local breweries that focused on lower production, ingredient focused and brand heavy craft-made beer. The followers of this model found a new customer base; ones that looked at beer as an art form and provided fresh experiences for the palette.

Craft Meat is what Janus Solutions wants to provide

through integrating at a smaller scale. One that remains nimble and ready for a new world of how to look at meat; not as a commodity like gasoline, measured in grades at the pump, but as a product that can carry a story and differentiation.

Complete Craft Meat Solutions are built for purpose

For many, integrating business process means one company owning the entire supply and value chain; or producing, processing and selling directly to the consumer. But this can also be approximated through innovative management practises, flow of information and simply a new way of looking at profits.

Closed-loop doesn’t mean that other’s can’t join in. In this case, it allows new brands to work with the specifications that mean the most to their consumers and customers – to be able to ensure that they know how their meats are made. It’s about creating value.

Janus Solutions works at streamlining smaller craft-production, but we also change how these systems can operate through unique processes that achieve a proper balance of power and opportunity for all. Democratization needs to happen in the meat industry so that all players can prosper, and their craft is recognized and valued by consumers.

Janus Solutions wants to give control back to producers, while giving more choices to consumers.





Product & Sales

Developing competitive products for intended markets globally, reducing waste and driving sustainable solutions are critical to success in food production. These need to be initiated with deep knowledge of the entire supply chain.


Brand and Marketing

We have processes for branding, marketing and business development that are tested and proven. Building brand strategy to tactical implementation, we can get you to market and get you noticed.



Jumping through government and trade regulations can drastically increase burdens to getting goods to market. Our process is designed for streamlining this and making life a little easier.



Keeping ahead of innovation and technology so manufacturing is ready for the future. Our hybrid construction process is there to reduce risks and build efficiency and cost reduction for years to come.

Closed-Loop Solutions create transparency

Groundbreaking one of the largest commodity groups in food can be an intimidating prospect. But after years of working through problems and barriers all along the supply and value chains in the meat industry, Janus Solutions has built a defined group of processes and has amassed partners from around the globe to help formulate an opportunity to build a new kind of meat industry. Not one that competes within the commodity in a race to the bottom, but as a new craft-driven leader in a premium, even luxury arena.

If you have the passion to break the old to spout anew, then the Janus Solutions partnership has everything you need and the warriors to join the fight.