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Our Partners

Innovative Process Solutions (IPS), is a full strategic partner for Janus Solutions located in South Africa, really at the centre of where mid-sized meat processing becomes necessary. IPS provides design, process, engineering and really are the heart of the facility offering at Janus Solutions. Together with an alliance with Central, IPS is able to extend this offering to logistics, planning and execution on a global scale.

Design and process engineering is at the core of IPS which is renowned for its conceptual, technical and industrial best practice designs. Their expertise lies within their ability to create functionally excellent industrial developments using industry technical standards and contemporary local and offshore innovations. The company was established in 2013 as a consultancy, with skills specific to abattoir, deboning, butchery, meat processing, cold storage, dairy, food and fish processing. Projects include the successful design and implementation of full scale turn-key beef and multi-species abattoirs, medium to large scale compact cold stores, meat handling and processing facilities and retail butcheries. . With over 100 years of combined experience in integrated food supply and value chain solutions they are a perfect strategic partner for Janus Solutions in some of our most important business areas of:

  • Livestock breeding and ranching
  • Intensive feedlot systems
  • Feed mill design and feed development
  • Equipment selection
  • Water, effluent and by-product treatment
  • Project financial modelling
  • Network studies and logistics
  • Concept planning and feasibility
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Mechanical, electrical and fire
  • Contractual documents and tender
  • Site project management

Central Specialist Group (Pty) Ltd a South African based group of experts in the industrial development sector who have joined forces to provide valued clients with A- Z solutions for industrial project design.

Central Specialist Group’s team of specialists expands our abilities into:

  • Logistics Planning and Network Studies
  • Concept planning, cost estimation and feasibility
  • Architecture
  • Design and redevelopment of existing facilities
  • Engineering design
  • Contract documents and tender
  • Site project management


Bradbury&Company are not only the marketing arm of Janus Solutions, but also work directly with Janus Solutions client base on their own brand strategies, marketing plans and marketing implementation as a complete solution to bring meats to market

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Kometos Oy, a company with headquarters in Finland, who are world leaders in modular abattoir, processing and production facilities, and mobile abattoir concepts, Kometos have specialized in the fabrication of leading-edge modular abattoir and mobile abattoir facilities, designed and accredited under EU regulations, which are easy to install, integrate and operate.

With more than 50 installations worldwide they are leaders in their field. Turn-key deliveries include everything that is necessary – from the test use of production lines and equipment, to production process training and usage instructions.

Janus Solutions is the North American agent for Kometos Oy. (kometos.com)

Titan Containers A/S, from Denmark who specialize in modular blast freezing and specialized refrigerated storage systems.

Titan’s innovative approach to blast freezing and refrigerated storage using scalable modular systems lends itself to maximum flexibility, speed of implementation, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. (https://www.arcticstore.com).

PHT Group, is a leader in hygiene with origins in Germany. They offer tailor-made hygiene solutions and supply appropriate high-quality hygiene technology to the food industry and have been doing so for more than 20 years. 

They supply not only the hygiene products, but the integrated and harmonious systems required for both existing facilities and new ones, that exceed standards. (https://www.pht.group)

Celitron Medical Technologies Kft, is a Hungarian manufacturing company specializing in sterilization, bio-waste treatment and rendering systems.

Celitron technology is scalable, uses significantly less energy, produces little to no noxious odours, medically sterilizes both waste & condemned products and occupies a much smaller footprint than traditional rendering processes. (https://celitron.com/en)