a meats to market company

Creating smarter ways to market, towards greater protein choices for all


 Our success is developing your business so that you can operate it successfully. Our clients are industry disruptors that know the way meat is bought and sold needs to change.

Recognized brands will eventually lead the way.
We know a better way to get meats to market.

Livestock producers

want to gain more control
and see more value for
their craft.


want to know more about the food they
eat and are looking for greater choices
and value for their money.

Our unique processes reduce the barriers to building successful brands


and Marketing

Better marketing and business management
through documented brand strategies


Product Development
and Sales

Developing the best product mix at
the right time and to the correct customer


Design, Construction
& Upgrade

The world is waiting for smaller,
more purposefully designed facilities


Integrating supply and value chains
to step away from meat as a commodity

Janus Solutions was built to

organize and foster a smaller, more craft-oriented meat industry

We believe in the importance of variety in brands along with opening up more creative marketing opportunities for those new brands. We know the importance of finding more value from animal protein products, seeking the latest in product development and profit generators with an eye to domestic and global markets. Innovations and pioneering needs to take place in the supply and value chains, but with more wholistic approaches for the prosperity of all. Our team wants to refresh small and medium-sized facilities and build better, purpose built meat processing plants with a focus on sustainability for both the environment, but also of the very business itself, starting small and growing as the business grows.

Lastly, a craft meat environment needs players that can democratize the supply and value chain. Janus Solutions believes that closed-loop chains that work with transparency and community will revolutionize the way meat gets to market. Integration brings with it opportunities in data, traceable sustainability, reduced investment risk and equal opportunity - bringing stronger futures for local producers and great brands for consumers to choose from.

Janus Solutions has process and partners to make all of this happen right now. Let’s get started!