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Ultimate Harvest House (UHH)


The Janus Team works to integrate design and construction with a well planned go-to-market strategy in conjunction with product development and sales to ensure that the structure addresses the needs of the business.

This is building for purpose and it includes the brand values, labour, food safety, occupational health, animal welfare, carcass utilization and environmental sustainability. The inputs to design and construction of a structure are now as important as the outputs. By using base model plants we conserve time to market and achieve greater cost predictability while reducing needs to engineer from scratch.

We bring learning and innovations from one project to the next. It also provides tested and proven processes to rise to the top so that you can focus on operating the best meat processing facility you can.


Janus Solutions uses a unique approach to building the perfect meat processing facility

  • Mixed Construction Techniques
  • Craft-oriented design
  • Start Small - Scale Up
  • One Design, Many Options
  • Build Past Regulations
  • Increase Speed to Market
  • Over-Engineered
  • Easy Affordability
  • Build For Purpose
  • Environment Friendlier
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Food Safety First



Janus has worked with a number of key partners to build a unique multi-species harvest facility to address the core issues and barriers to market.

  • Proprietary anti-microbial, rugged, and sustainable materials
  • Customized, specifically manufactured equipment
  • Air Dryers for lowering humidity and microbial growth
  • Human ergonomic design of equipment
  • Optional solutions for staff accommodation and community areas
  • Scaled automation and robotic options
  • Multi-species capable
  • Starting at 50 cattle/bison/elk/etc. head/day.
  • Expandable to 250 cattle/bison/elk/etc. head/day.
  • Up to 100 head/hour for hogs.
  • Further processing modules and equipment
  • Rapid freeze, stiffening and thawing that reduces shrink
  • A hybrid mix of traditional construction and modular, remote built units.
  • Low cost entry to the market with lowered investment exposure.
  • Constructed on the ground by local teams.
  • Easily expandable design
  • Manufacturer led training
  • Preventive servicing and online parts service
  • Tested and proven in extreme, inhospitable environments
  • Sustainable wastewater exchange for heating and cooling
  • EU certification and the globes highest regulatory standards
  • Builder waste reduction for reduce environmental impacts

Benefits of

Modular Construction

  • Projects are on-time and on-budget
  • More resistant to poor weather
  • Builders keep and maintain high skill levels and are full-time employees
  • Pre-built to exceed standards and regulations in the demanding food industry
  • Facility built at the same moment infrastructure is being constructed saving time to market
  • Process and building systems are in place on arrival
  • Quality control is assured and is tested before delivery
  • Designed by our team of engineers with decades of experience in meat plant manufacturing
  • Withstands greater environmental challenges such as external temperatures of -50/+50 Celsius
  • Modules must withstand the pressures of transport and are thus overbuilt for stability and rigidity.
  • Significantly increased worksite safety
  • Greater communication needed from engineering, to design, to construction and transport
  • Reduced onsite injury and exposure to the elements.

Benefits of

Hybrid Construction

  • Keeps costs low, while maintaining a quicker and more precise project to market
  • Easier to employ local talent, but still get a highly technically skilled team
  • Adds some flexibility to raw material handling and purchasing
  • Ability to control quality and manage workmanship on a daily basis, but ensures that certain components are manufactured in a precision environment
  • Greater flexibility of design in joining modular units
  • Using local materials for a more customized local design
  • A more easily changed design guarding against unforeseen project scope creep

Janus works with a number of key international partners to build unique multi-species harvest facilities and other go-to-market solutions that address the core issues and barriers to market.

With local technical support and input from our foreign associates, we are able to approach abattoir design, meat handling, storage & processing, and brand & marketing from multiple angles to suit location capacity and budgetary requirements and growth plans.


Innovative Process Solutions (IPS)

Innovative Process Solutions (IPS), is a full strategic partner for Janus Solutions located in South Africa, really at the centre of where mid-sized meat processing becomes necessary.

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Central Specialist Group

Central Specialist Group (Pty) Ltd a South African based group of experts in the industrial development sector who have joined forces to provide valued clients with A- Z solutions for industrial project design.

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Bradbury & Company

Bradbury&Company are not only the marketing arm of Janus Solutions, but also work directly with Janus Solutions client base on their own brand strategies, marketing plans and marketing implementation as a complete solution to bring meats to market

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Kometos Oy

Kometos Oy, a company with headquarters in Finland, who are world leaders in modular abattoir, processing and production facilities, and mobile abattoir concepts, Kometos have specialized in the fabrication of leading-edge modular abattoir and mobile abattoir facilities, designed and accredited under EU regulations, which are easy to install, integrate and operate.

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Titan Containers

Titan Containers A/S, from Denmark who specialize in modular blast freezing and specialized refrigerated storage systems.

Titan’s innovative approach to blast freezing and refrigerated storage using scalable modular systems lends itself to maximum flexibility, speed of implementation, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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PHT Group

PHT Group, is a leader in hygiene with origins in Germany. They offer tailor-made hygiene solutions and supply appropriate high-quality hygiene technology to the food industry and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

They supply not only the hygiene products, but the integrated and harmonious systems required for both existing facilities and new ones, that exceed standards.

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Celitron Medical Technologies

Celitron Medical Technologies Kft, is a Hungarian manufacturing company specializing in sterilization, bio-waste treatment and rendering systems.

Celitron technology is scalable, uses significantly less energy, produces little to no noxious odours, medically sterilizes both waste & condemned products and occupies a much smaller footprint than traditional rendering processes.

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