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Refreshing Existing Facilities

A fresh approach to a legacy business

Building from scratch isn’t always the right answer.
There are often ways to get our current locations to work better for us.

This may be reorganizing the process flow or increasing capacity in core areas along the line. Using our proprietary processes and our partners' innovative products, we are able to more quickly add modular structures to original buildings, greatly enhancing speed to market.


Also, the meat industry has been slow to progress robotics and automation of repetitive or dangerous work. At Janus Solutions, we are constantly looking for non-human ways of solving these problems. We work with partners all around the world to build small scale solutions that can be scaled as the business scales.

Expanding to other locations is mainly due to either the business environment changing, or sales opportunities existing elsewhere? Bringing the innovation of smaller, modular structures means that Janus Solutions can help to get solutions in place quickly so that you can keep your mind on the business at hand, no matter where it is.

Changing regulations can be stressful. Most of the time, these changes require a swift change to production lines, quality control processes or the addition of interventions. Janus Solutions understands the equipment and products that can be quickly administered, at an affordable scale.

Extending Product lines
Profit in the meat industry means doing the very best you can with a purely natural product. Sometimes this means adding something to the original product that consumers are willing to pay more for. In meat this can be new cuts going to new markets, or it could be simply grinding the trim left over to be used as hamburger? One way or the other, this requires infrastructure changes or strategic partnerships with those that have perfected these options that get you closer to 100% meat and by-product utilization.




Value-added or extending product lines

Maximizing carcass utilization sometimes means adding capabilities to grind or for further processing meats packaged directly to the consumer.


Efficiency through automation

Labour shortages or reducing exposure to dangerous or repetitive work can be mitigated through automated systems or equipment.


Expansion of current facility

Business is going well and there is a need to increase capacity in a core area of an existing facility.


Need to move locations

Either the business environment has changed, or the business warrants another location. Existing infrastructure needs to be moved.


Regulatory or Quality Assurance demands

The current facility requires compliance with certifications or quality control. Decisions need to be made on how this can be resolved quickly and on budget.


Including other species within existing facility

Focus needs to change to a multi-species facility to accommodate fresh business demands or opportunities.


Refreshing with Janus Solutions

Before Janus Solutions decided to build a better system, we spent our career in working around, through and over the current meat and agriculture industries and its ways to market. We have lived through the needs of the industry and each of its players in the supply and value chain.

We know the rules to bend and the ones that just simply need breaking, and we look at vulnerabilities and exploit them.

Our industry is undergoing immense change, and for those that have the courage to change ahead of it, the Janus team is there to lead or to back you up. Let’s find efficiencies together and recreate a meat industry where the legacy businesses can be the innovators all over again - creating trend and fresh new ways of looking at food.

We love to hear about problems that need solving and we live to do just that.